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What to wear in Indian Wedding for ladies

While going for party or outing in day to day life.  One question always keeps on creeping in mind how should I dress up? Again and again, we look our face in the mirror, sometime we get confused but our look reflects our personality. Every Body has their own dressing sense, without dressing sense individual is incomplete.

Now the question arises what one should wear on traditional Indian wedding, in Indian culture people are beauty centered person, we always used to attend wedding, why one should not look good, every person has its own style and it is their right to look good. We should be pre-planned since on the spot; things generally do not come in mind.

Ladies have the option to choose among so many exciting ethnic, traditional and modern wears like Lehenga, Chunni, Salwar Suit, Sari etc. Whatever, we wear, we should feel confident and elegant and the colour combination should be perfect, one should always avoid wearing pure white and black. 

Wedding for ladies

The Choices available for women:

·         A Sari
Sari is one of traditional ethnic items worn by Indian since decades and it is still one of the most popular dresses. We have great option to choose from variety of colors, fabrics. The color should be stunning and beautiful and it is always encouraged.

·         Anarkali Suit

It is one of the great choices for the contemporary and classy woman. The suit is both cool and fashionable and just right combination to wear at Indian traditional wedding. The Dress accompanied by a great pair of shoes always gives a unique look.
·         Wedding Lehenga

These dress is mostly wore by Rajasthan community women baniya class. The dress along with golden and diamond jewellery gives elegant look to women. Below are the different types of wedding Lehenga.
  • Circular/ Flared Lehenga
  • Mermaid/ Fishtail Lehenga
  • Panelled Lehenga
  • A-Line Lehenga
  • Sharara cut Lehenga
  • Straight Cut Lehenga
  • Lehangas with a Jacket
  • Half Saree Lehenga

 ·         A Long Dress

In case you are not comfortable with traditional Indian dress, you have the option to wear long dress, it also gives a nice look along with simple accessories and jewellary. 

By Priyanka Kariwal Jalan

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